Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Parts of the Body

The Body

Each one of us has a body! Not only do our bodies make us look the way we do, but they allow us to live in and explore the world around us! Our bodies are made of a head, limbs, and a torso. Inside our bodies, we have a muscular system and a skeletal system. Our muscles and skeleton give our body shape and the ability to move and stay upright. We can bend our limbs because they are connected by joints. Some of our bodies' most important joints are our ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows. We have to take care of our bodies so they are able to provide all the amazing functions they so naturally do. What are some ways you take care of your body? 

Can you name the body parts? Try this interactive worksheet to see if you know where a few important body parts are located. Listen to the audios at the bottom of the worksheet to see if you know how to pronounce some common body parts. body parts worksheet.  

Here you can try to complete the crossword to unlock a secret message!

Review Questions: 

1) What are the three main parts of the body? 

2) Which two systems give our bodies shape and the ability to move and stay upright? 

3) What allows us to bend our limbs? 

4) What are the names of four important joints? 

The answers to the crossword exercise and review questions are below! 

1)The three main parts of the body are the head, torso, and limbs. 

2)The muscular and skeletal systems give our bodies shape and the ability to move and stay upright.

3)Our joints allow us to bend our limbs. 

4)Our ankleskneeswrists, and elbows are four important joints.  

Friday, October 16, 2020

Plants vs. Animals

How are plants and animals different and the same? 


How are plants organized? Plants are composed of cells. Plant cells join together to form tissue. Each tissue in a plant plays a specific role: protection, transportation of nutrients, or supporting the plant! The organs of a plant are made up of the plant's tissues. The function of a plant's organs' is to soak up sunlight and C02 (carbon dioxide) for the process of photosynthesis

The yellow arrows indicate the most important parts of a plant!  

Food for thought: Why are plants important to us as human beings? What will happen to our world and our lives if the amount of plants in our world continues to decrease? 


How are animals organized? Animals cells join together to form tissue (like plants). Also like plants, each animal tissue has a specific function. Organs, in humans, are made up of different tissues. An example of a human organ is the human heart! Slightly different from plants, animals have various systems that are made up of their organs. These systems are groups of organs that work together for a specific function such as breathing in the respiratory system!

Food for thought: How are animals and people different? In what ways are animals and humans the same? Why do you think there is such a strong distinction between animals and humans? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The organisation of living things

The Organisation of Living Things: Cells 

What is the Basic Unit of Life? 

All living things are made up of Cells. Cells are the smallest thing capable of life. Most cells are very small, so small, in fact, that they cannot be seen with the naked eye; but there are some single cells that are so large that you can hold them in your hand. The largest single cell in the world is the Ostrich egg. 

There are two types of cells in the world: Plant and Animal. Both types have many similarities in how they maintain life but each has something different that allows them to do special things. 

The first type of cell is an animal cell. Animal cells are made up of a Nucleus, other Organelles, and a Membrane. Animal cells can bend and change their shape. Animal cells get their energy and vitamins by eating other things. 

The second type of cell is the
plant cell. Plant cells have all the same parts as animal cells but they have two pieces that animal cells do not have: A cell wall and chloroplasts. Chloroplasts turn sunlight into energy for the cell, that way the cell does not have to try to find something else to eat. Cell walls are a hardcover that surrounds a plant cell outside of the cell membrane. The cell wall gives the cell a definite shape.

Animal Cell
Plant Cell
Can you label the parts of each cell? 

Want to test your Cell Anatomy knowledge, try this Cell Anatomy Quiz!

Want to learn more about the differences between Animal and Plant Cells? Check out this video!

Parts of the Body

The Body Each one of us has a body ! Not only do our bodies make us look the way we do, but they allow us to live in and explore the world a...