Wednesday, April 14, 2021



What is everything made of? 

Take a look around you, what do you see? 

Does it seem like everything you see is made of the same thing? 

The answer is most likely no! 


Because the things in our world are made of many different materials!

Let's learn about a few!  







Properties of materials: 

Every material is a little different. Here are some properties of materials!







Now that we have reviewed materials and their properties let's test our knowledge!

Identify which material each object below is made of and then describe the properties of that material and therefore that object. 

Is it Magnetic? 

Watch this video to explore what is magnetic! Do the activity along if you can!

Is it Waterproof?  

Which of these materials are waterproof? 

The answer is plastic and metal are! 

Now that you know so much about materials have fun exploring all the materials in the world around you! 

Thursday, April 8, 2021



What do you think of when you think of energy? In the unit, you learned about energy from a physics standpoint, but it is true that energy is talked about in various other ways too. People talk about their levels of energy, or the energy someone else gives off. Basically, energy often refers to something we can't directly see but we can feel and we can be affected by, and often see reactions it causes!  

First, how is your energy today? 

Let's review the different types of energies!

Watch this video to start the review on energy :)

Mechanical Energy 

Mechanical energy is a form of energy an object has because of its motion and position. 

Can you think of an example of mechanical energy? 

Chemical Energy

Chemical energy is a form of energy stored in all matter. Chemical energy is released through a chemical reaction. 

Can you think of an example of chemical energy? 

Light Energy

Light energy is the form of energy that allows us to see things. It travels through waves and bounces off things in our world, making those things visible to our eyes. 

Can you think of an example of light energy? 

Sound Energy 

Sound energy is the form of energy that allows us to hear things. Like light energy, it travels in waves. The waves create sound by making the wind vibrate. 

Can you think of an example of sound energy? 

Thermal Energy 

Thermal energy is the form of energy caused by the movement of particles in matter. Thermal energy often is recognized through warmth or heat. 

Can you think of an example of thermal energy? 

Electrical Energy 

Electrical energy is caused when there is a flow or current of electrical charge. We use electrical energy to power machines. 

Can you think of an example of electrical energy? 

Now that we have reviewed all the types of energy you learned about in the energy unit, let's watch a video about renewable energy sources! 

Renewable energy sources!

Which renewable energy source did you find the most interesting and why? 

Look at the pictures below and classify what type of energy they show! (hint: some pictures show more than one type of energy) 

Now that we have learned about all the different types of energies if you are feeling low energy what is one thing you can do to increase your energy!

Monday, April 5, 2021




Easter is a holiday to celebrate Jesus' re-birth or resurrection! There are many ways Easter is celebrated all around the world. In the United States of America, Easter Sunday is often celebrated by going to church, Easter egg hunts, and searching for Easter baskets! 

Can you describe the items in the Easter baskets below? 

Easter egg baskets are typically filled with chocolate, stuffed animals, toys, eggs, and more candy! 

Easter is also about Spring! Springtime is the time for new life and new beginnings. In spring you can find new blooming flowers, baby animals, and warmer weather! What do you see in this springtime picture?  

Try to find: 
a sun
 a barn
a butterfly
a water well
a watering can
a bumblebee
a ladybug
 a snail
 a dog
a frog
a worm
a shovel
a bird
a goat
a boy with red shorts 
a girl with a pink hat! 

Could you find everything? 

Easter Vocabulary 

Easter bunny

Try to find the Easter vocabulary in the Easter basket below. What's in the Easter basket? 

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and have a great Spring! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

St. Patricks day!

Facts about St. Patrick's day! 

St Patrick’s day is on March 17th

It is both an Irish religious and national holiday

Immigrants from Ireland brought this tradition to the United States.  

St Patrick is a very famous and important person in Ireland.

St Patrick’s real name was Maewyn Succat. He was born in Wales around 389 AD. 

When he was 16, he was kidnapped by bandits and taken to Ireland as a slave. He worked as a shepherd. 

He spent many long hours alone taking care of sheep out in the fields. 

He felt lonely and afraid. During that time he began to think about God.

He repented from his sins and unbelief and he turned to God with all his heart. 

He had a dream in which God told him to leave Ireland by going to the coast.  

He escaped to Gaul (France) after six long years of slavery. 

He studied in a monastery for twelve years near Auxerre, in France. He had a vision telling him to return to Ireland as a missionary. 

At sixty, he came back to Ireland to convert the pagans of Ireland to Christianity.

He used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). St Patrick’s mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. 

He died on March 17 in 461 AD. 

Now March 17th is a day where we celebrate ST. Patrick and Irish heritage as a whole! 

Watch this video on the history of Saint Patrick's day!

St. Patricks day symbols 

How is St. Patrick's day celebrated today? 

Wearing green! 

St. Patrick's day parades! 

Irish Culture! 

Read this St. Patrick's day letter and answer the questions below!

Hello to you all, my name is Maura, and I’m Irish, from Dublin, 

so the Republic of Ireland or Eire. And today is one of my 

favorite days because it is 17th March and it is ………Saint 

Patrick’s Day, of course. It is our national day when we celebrate

Saint Patrick our Patron Saint who brought Christianity to Ireland

So we are going to celebrate! Can you imagine? I’m going to go to the big parade in the streets of Dublin, where I live, with all my family wearing green costumes, green hats, shamrocks in our

buttonholes, Mum has even dyed her hair green!

Then, we will all have a big party at home, we have prepared 

bunches of shamrocks from our garden  ( remember, the national emblem of Ireland).

We have decorated our house green, a must on an island which is called the 

Emerald Island. And of course, we’re eating green food! All the food for the party is green, apples, lettuce, cucumber, olives, spinach, pistachio cake, the bread for the sandwiches is green too! And to drink: green mint with lemonade.

Dad prefers green beer, poor Dad! Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day!

My cousins in New York and Chicago in the USA are celebrating it too. Guess what! In Chicago, they even color the river green. So yes, it is going to be a great day for us all.

Love XoXo Maura!

Say if the statements are right or wrong and correct those that are wrong

  1. The person speaking is a boy named Ian-----------------------------------------
  2. She lives in Northern Ireland.---------------------------------------------------
  3. Today is the seventeenth of March.-------------------------------------------
  4. People celebrate their revolution. ----------------------------------------------
  5. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint  of Ireland.-----------------------------------
  6. The main color associated is blue.----------------------------------------------
  7. They do nothing special on that day.---------------------------------------------
  8. She‘s going to a big parade in the capital.--------------------------------------
  9. The capital of Eire is Belfast.----------------------------------------------------
  10. The main emblem is the three-leaf shamrock.----------------------------------
  11. Another name for shamrock is clover.-------------------------------------------
  12. After the parade, Maura will go back home and that’s it.-----------------------
  13. They have decorated their house green.-----------------------------------------
  14. They are going to wear orange costumes like the other color of the Irish flag.-----------
  15. They are going to eat green food.-----------------------------------------------
  16. Ireland is nicknamed Sapphire Ireland -----------------------------------------
  17. Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated in Ireland only.--------------------------------

Thursday, March 11, 2021



The Ecosystem is composed of three things: plants, animals, and the environment they live in.

The Biosphere is all the ecosystems on our planet, every living and non-living thing in the hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere. 

What is the difference between a hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere? 

The atmosphere is all the air on our planet! Where clouds and birds are, but also much further above. 

The lithosphere is the land on earth. Where rocks, soil, and sand is. Also where many living creatures roam. 

The hydrosphere includes all the water on earth, in its evaporated form as well. The hydrosphere includes oceans, rivers, lakes, and even puddles. 

Biotic vs Abiotic factors 

The living components of an ecosystem are the biotic factors. Some examples of biotic factors are fish, birds, and grass. Biotic factors can also be microscopic living organisms such as bacteria. The non-living components of an ecosystem are the abiotic factors. These include wind, minerals, water, and dirt. 

Look at this picture below and identify the biotic and abiotic factors. 


Biomes are regions of the world with similar climates, animals, and plants.

There are forest biomes, grassland biomes, aquatic biomes, desert biomes, and tundra biomes

Watch this video to learn more about biomes!

look at the pictures below and identify which biome they are from the options listed above. 

Looking after our planet

Because everything is connected in an ecosystem, if something disappears, everything else is affected. Because these effects can be very detrimental, we have to be conscious of preventing them. How can we look after our planet and make sure the biodiversity stays diverse? 

To know how we can protect our planet, we must first know what is hurting it. Here are some things that humans are doing that hurts our planet, its ecosystems, and its biodiversity. 


The number of people on this planet already puts stress on the environment and it is growing.


The amount of resources such as food, water, and electricity that people use. 


Energy production, agriculture, and modern transportation methods all create air pollution. Humans create so much trash from their overconsumption that invades our natural environments. This has harmed many ecosystems and lead to global warming. 

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing

The scale to which food is produced for humans not only causes extensive amounts of waste but also has dire effects on the environment where it is produced. Ecosystems are completely whipped out to create space for a farm. 

What are three ways you can help protect our environment? 

Watch this video to learn how in California the wildlife services are trying to undo humans' effect on forests.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Electricity and atoms


What is Electricity?

Try to explain in your own words what electricity is, or how you experience it. Where do we see electricity? Can we ever hear electricity, what about feel it? 

We experience and interact with electricity every day, through static when we brush our hair, the heat from our homes, or lightening in the sky. Although the ways we see and understand electricity are all quite different, the basis of electricity is the same! 

Electricity studies the presence of stationary or moving charged particles. Charged particles such as protons and neutrons.  

Watch this video to learn about electricity!

What is an atom? 

Atoms are the building blocks of life. All matter is made up of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus and subatomic parts.

The nucleus of an atom is made of protons and neutrons. 

Protons have a positive electrical charge. 

Neutrons have no electrical charge. 

Electrons revolve around the nucleous. 

They have a negative electrical charge.

Electrical charge is a basic property of matter that relates to the balance between the electrons and protons in an object.  

When there is an equal amount of electrons and protons in an object that object is electrically neutral. 

When there is an uneven amount of electrons and protons in an object that object is electrically charged.

When there are more protons than electrons in an object that object is positively charged. 

When there are more electrons than protons in an object that object is negatively charged.  

Watch this video to understand more about atoms!

An electric current is the movement or flow of electrons between atoms. 

Some matter allows for electrons to flow easily from one atom to another, these are electric conductors. Some matter doesn't allow for easy flow of electrons from atom to atom, these are called electric insulators. 

Fill in the blanks below to test your knowledge of what we just learned!  

When there is an equal amount of electrons and protons in an object that object is electrically _________. 

When there is an uneven amount of electrons and protons in an object that object is electrically ________.

When there are more __________ than __________ in an object that object is positively charged. 

When there are more __________ than __________ in an object that object is negatively charged. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nutrition and Food!

 Nutrition and Food

Food contains the nutrients we need to live and thrive! Different foods have different nutrients and we need different amounts of each nutrient. This is why it is important to learn about the nutrition in food and what nutrition your body needs. There are five different types of nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and Vitamins and minerals. 

Watch this video to learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods! 

A healthy diet, or nutritious diet, is one that is balanced, meaning it has food from every food group, and is varied, meaning it has a lot of different types of food. 

Our bodies need: 

Vitamins and Minerals

Vegetables and fruits have loads of vitamins and minerals. Different fruits and vegetables have different vitamins and minerals, this is why it is important to eat a variety of them. 

Carbohydrates can be found in things like breadpasta, and rice! It is better to eat whole grains as our source of carbohydrates than processed carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugary cereals. 

We can get protein in many things. Protein can be found in meat, fishbeansnutsdairy products, and vegetables too! Protein is important to build strong muscles, bones, and teeth. Foods that have protein contain the mineral calcium which is important for our bones. 

It is also important to have fats in our diet, but not as much as the previously mentioned things. Fats are stored for when we need extra energy. Some examples of healthy fats are olive oileggs, and avocado

Eating healthy isn't the only thing we have to do to be healthy! Doing exercise, limiting screen time, sleeping enough, and following hygiene rules are also ways to help us to keep healthy!

Here is a video of exercises you can do at home to stay healthy!

These kids are all exercising to stay healthy, what are they doing? Put your answers below. 







Check your answers here! 

1. biking

2. running

3. sit-ups/crunches 

4. lifting weights 

5. jumping rope

6. yoga

It is important to limit your screen time because screens are bad for your posture and eyes. what are three things you could do that are healthy for you, instead of being on a screen? 

1. __________________

2. __________________

3. __________________

Some examples are: read a book, go for a walk, paint a picture, play an instrument, play with an animal, sing a song, talk with your parents, garden! The possibilities are endless. 

Besides being activelimiting screen time, and getting a good amount of sleep, it is also important to maintain good hygiene to be healthy. Good hygiene means: 

1. You should wash your hands often, especially before eating and after going to the bathroom.

2. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, when you wake up and when you go to bed. 

3. You shouldn't eat food when it has expired. 

4. You should wear plastic shoes when you go to the swimming pool. 

5. You should blow your nose with a tissue when it is runny and throw the tissue in the bin afterward. 

6. You should shower and brush your hair. 

Can you think of other ways to stay healthy besides the ones we mentioned here? 

Food intolerances and allergies!

A food intolerance means the digestive system doesn’t work well when you eat products with a specific ingredient. 

Common food intolerances include lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance. People with lactose intolerances should avoid dairy products. People with gluten intolerances should avoid bread. 

A food allergy means that your body reacts badly to certain foods: you can get a rash, an upset stomach, or difficulty breathing. 

Common food allergies include peanuts, soy, dairy, shellfish, and eggs. 

Watch this video on peanut allergies to understand more about allergies!


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